5’8” to 8’

The bonzer is a hopped up single fin.  Originally a design of the Campbell Brothers, it features a double concave through the fin area utilizing the Venturi principle that a fluid or air speeds up when compressed into a narrower channel. This creates forward propulsion and as a result the bonzer design has always been associated with down the line speed.  The modern version is a five fin (bonzer 5) with a very contemporary single to double concave bottom, modern rails and a healthy rocker. It has an old school deck line and outline, packing heaps of foam in the flat deck and area in the nose and tail. Its a super paddling board and, due to the side fins being so out on the rail and splayed out, offers loads of grip on a steep wall is a terrific barrel riding board.  
If you would like a modern feeling board that can be pushed in bigger, steeper waves but has the sweet, easy flow of the single fin, this is the one.  Makes an excellent travel board as well.


This model is available in your choice of:

•    Tint
•    Opaque
•    Semi-opaque
•    Swirl
•    Clear


Traditional PU or Epoxy your choice


•    $150 per foot + Shipping.
•    $150 for the handmade glassed on or FCS box fins


Please allow 3-4 weeks for your your board to be made.
Shipping prices may vary depending on your location.

To order this board or for more information call Bryan Bates on:  0429 947 178