5’4” TO 8

The egg is a seriously versatile single fin with a bottom shape much like a longboard--light vee in the back and a little concave up front. It's very much like a mini Evolver with the wide point switched up so its narrower in the tail than the nose. This gives it a looser, more shortboard-like feel on the back foot.  This model paddles amazing and can do a surprising amount of work in serious surf.  Eggs can be run at almost any length from 5'6" to 8'6" and tick so many boxes its ridiculous.  I do a lot of them at 6'6" and 7'6" and though they're really a single fin, the design can accept side fins or quad.  A standard stock size might be 6'6", 21 1/2", 2 1/2".


This model is available in your choice of:

•    Tint
•    Opaque
•    Semi-opaque
•    Swirl
•    Clear


Bryan uses Burford Blanks exclusively, Silmar Polyester resin, and top quality fibreglass including Volan and “S” cloth. This construction allows for a board which can last 20+ years if looked after properly. This is the recommended build, although EPS/Epoxy builds are possible if flotation is your primary concern.


  • $160 per foot, any resin colours/design included. I can not accommodate for external/customer supplied artwork or airbrushing designs. $300 deposit gets your board underway. Balance due upon completion. Discount available on total for cash sales.

  • $150 for single box or glassed in fin, multiple fin setups vary in cost. All fins handmade by Bryan. All fins besides centre long boxes are glassed on. No fcs boxes..fuck them..

  • 10% of board and fin cost for GST added to total.

  • Pick up preferred, or Shipping must be arranged and paid for by Customer. Surf Cargo or Surf Freight are preferred Courier agents.


Please allow 6-8 weeks for your your board to be made. Blank delivery for custom glue ups can take up to 3 weeks. Your board is handshaped, glassed, sanded and finished entirely by Bryan and are made in the order it comes up in the queue. If you need your board by a certain date before 6-8 weeks from paying your deposit, add $250 for a rush order.

To order this board or for more information call Bryan Bates on:  0429 947 178