Modern Keel Fish

5' TO 6'6"

It's interesting how many times the classic fish shape has gone round: The original Steve Lis stand up kneeboard in the 70's, a substitute for a longboard in small waves, performance versions with tweaked rockers and bottom shapes, quad fishes, classic replicas, long versions. Today I'm enjoying reworking the most original form of my Classic Lis Fish and adding subtle modern refinements in concaves, rail shapes and edges without straying to far from the spirit of the animal. Been getting the most wonderful feedback on these boards from customers finding themselves surfing better, more fluidly and still with enough shred to satisfy that shortboard side of things. 
5'6" 21" 2 1/2" is the ideal dimensions for this model and there's heaps of volume contained in the flat deck so don't be afraid to go a little shorter than you might normally ride. 


This model is available in your choice of:

•    Tint
•    Opaque
•    Semi-opaque
•    Swirl
•    Clear


Traditional PU or Epoxy your choice


•    $150 per foot + Shipping.
•    $150 for the handmade glassed on marine ply fins


Please allow 3-4 weeks for your your board to be made.
Shipping prices may vary depending on your location.

To order this board or for more information call Bryan Bates on:  0429 947 178