Classic Single Fin

5’6” to 8’

My classic single fin takes the best of the 70's era boards and puts it in as user-friendly a package as possible. Subtle modern refinements to rail shape, outline, edges and rocker are a major part of the design, but it's got that classic feel and bottom shape that's reflective of my shaping tree roots from Hawaiian legends Cort Gion and Mike Diffenderfer.


This model is available in your choice of:

•    Tint
•    Opaque
•    Semi-opaque
•    Swirl
•    Clear


Traditional PU or Epoxy your choice


•    $150 per foot + Shipping.
•    $150 for the handmade fin, box or glassed on
•    Multiple stringers add to the cost 


Please allow 3-4 weeks for your your board to be made.
Shipping prices may vary depending on your location.

To order this board or for more information call Bryan Bates on:  0429 947 178